Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pastor Jacob Birch and the DS of the St. Lawrence District of the C&MA in Canada

French to English translator needed, on stand-by

So excited that Rev. Francis Pearson will be coming to speak at Glengate some Sunday in the next few months and update us on all that God is doing in Quebec. This is a direct result of Michael Gagnon and I sharing 7 days riding together as part of RIDE 2012. We invited Michael to speak... he got our men excited about his intentional intercultural church plant in Montreal... our JUMP guys have been raising money for that church plant and then at the TriDistrict Conference Rev. Pearson expressed his appreciation for our generosity and now ... viola... our hope is to have him drop by one weekend when he is already in TO so we can have him inspire us with the stories of what God is doing in the St. Lawrence District.

And to be clear Francis can speak both languages VERY WELL... but i want him to preach in his heart language so he can be more free to express his heartfelt passion for God and His work in Quebec.