Monday, November 25, 2013

Israel 2013 - Day 10

Travelling to and from Israel is an interesting experience... even for those used to international travel.

Extra security steps, heightened questioning and a relaxed but focused intensity dominates the mindset of the security people you interact with while travelling to Israel. Don't be surprised if you're other travels to nations in the region or the fact you have friends or family in the region mean you get to enjoy what i call the "special treatment". That's when you are asked to report to the gate early at your departure point, be segregated from the other passengers and then be given an even more thorough questioning and screening. Don't freak out or be concerned. They're just doing their job. You'll get on the plane and have a great time.

Travellers from the Holy Land are advised to pack light in terms of souvenirs, be respectful and remember they aren't looking for you... in large measure. Be truthful, respectful and short in your answers. No worries. You'll be soon be through security and able to enjoy the best airport shopping in the world at David Ben Gurion airport.